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HireHer Founder & CEO Ruth Chandler Cook engages in dialogue with industry leaders and staff about the value of men as allies when discussing inclusion.  She said – “Let’s appreciate the men who are our allies and get more allies for women.”

All women should experience the power of men as allies.  Men can be fierce advocates for women.  Many of the struggles women face in the workplace are obvious.  People know there is gender bias, objectification, and in some cases harassment.  As women seek fairness, equality, and equal pay it is critical to have men as allies in the pursuit of justice in the workplace and beyond.

Here is more of what “she” said about how men can support and contribute to an inclusive and supportive work environment for women.

1.See something – Say something:  Don’t tolerate harassment or disrespect of your female colleagues.  If he/she is rude or crude say STOP!

2.Hear Her:  Give her a seat at every table and consider her feedback even when you disagree or don’t see the immediate value in her contribution. Listen.

3.Promote Her:  Advertise the skills and talent of women deserving of recognition.  And, if empowered – literally – Promote her! Give credit don’t take credit for her wisdom or skill.

The most important attribute of a supportive ally is the ability to recognize bias when it presents, and reject it.  This includes the unconscious bias and behaviors we all carry that may prevent fairness and equality for all.

He said – Read the thoughtful blog of a HireHer male staff member. (click here)

Shout out to all the male HireHer allies!  Thank you for the continued support and protection you provide!

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