Changing the Culture


A recent New York Times article highlights the actions GoDaddy has taken to address a culture of sexism and discrimination within the tech company. From hiring practices to promotions, GoDaddy has examined the “small, subtle biases that can influence everything from how executives evaluate employees to how they set salaries.”

HireHer is on a mission to not only help women and minorities find rewarding opportunities in the innovative industries but to also help those industries be more inclusive. It is not enough to say that 50% of your workforce is comprised of women if there is still a culture of sexism and discrimination.

Changing and improving a business’ culture is not just the right thing to do morally. It is good business sense. You cannot maximize your company’s potential if any part of your workforce feels alienated and does not feel valued when they are working or come forward with an innovative idea.

HireHer’s business consultants are ready to work with companies to create work environments that embrace a talented and diverse workforce. From the hiring process to promotions and talent retention, HireHer’s team is ready to help your business maximize its potential by ensuring that your employees have the tools and resources to succeed.

My late sister, Lynne, was a NASA engineer and whenever I visited her in the hospital she told me about the discrimination she faced while she worked. She was a “Hidden Figure,” doing the hard work to help us reach the stars but never truly seen or appreciated by managers and executives. Her experiences led to the creation of HireHer and it is our goal to make sure that hidden talent can be seen and shine. Reach out to HireHer today to learn how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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