Be the Bear


In conversation with CEOs, HireHer Founder stated “we need you to create trophic cascades within your sphere of influence to open up opportunities for the underrepresented.”  This is particularly important if we really care about furthering innovation.

The significance of a trophic cascade is the extreme power of indirect actions which can control an entire ecosystem.  It suppresses excess to alter behavior and ultimately opens up opportunities for the entire system to thrive.  Imagine that power!

The key takeaway is that leaders are uniquely positioned to create the type of interactions that alter behavior and influence entire networks spanning beyond the immediate organization.  How cool is that!

We all have our unique role in the ecosystem.  Here are a few tips:

Be a Friend – Seek opportunities to build relationships that are open and authentic.  Offer a smile and a helping hand.

Be the Wolf – Take actions that benefit you and create opportunities for others allowing the entire ecosystem to thrive.

Be the Bear – Look at things differently (from the third perspective) and leverage your power to improve the environment for everyone.  No harm in shaking a few trees when necessary.

Be Aware – Know yourself.  Consider your own fears and biases.  Don’t simply point at others – be prepared to be better, do more for others and work harder.


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