About Us

Transforming the hiring process and eliminating barriers for women seeking employment - especially focused on connecting people with opportunities worldwide.

HireHer is a for-profit company founded by Ruth Chandler Cook to help women and diverse candidates find jobs, and advance their careers in innovative industries. The inspiration for HireHer came from Ruth’s own experience with discrimination and the experience of her late sister, Elizabeth “Lynne” Chandler. Lynne was a NASA engineer and modern day “Hidden Figure,” helping the United States reach the stars despite feeling that she was subject to discrimination and bias in the workplace.

There are still “Hidden Figures” in workplaces across the country and even the world. HireHer wants to change the world for women and minorities. The HireHer focus is on STEM but also to create opportunities for all diverse candidates, especially in fields where they are underrepresented. HireHer is passionate about creating opportunities for people to reach their highest aspirations and overcome barriers.

HireHer provides tools and resources to prospective candidates to identify opportunities. HireHer also has solutions for businesses to embrace diversity.These tools and wrap around services enable industry leaders to integrate technology with policy changes to harness a culture that embraces diversity. HireHer’s team of business consultants are ready to work with businesses to ensure their company embraces diversity from the hiring process to determining salaries and promoting employees.

About Hireher.com

HireHer is on a mission to make sure that the STEM field is on the cutting edge of innovation by allowing "hidden figures" to shine. This is accomplished by giving job seekers and employees the tools they need to succeed and having the industry embrace a culture of diversity. HireHer is committed to advance and create growth opportunities for diverse talent and improve the competitive advantage of innovative industries through strategic recruitment, retention, and management.

HireHer will achieve its mission by creating a mobile application that allows the candidate to identify employers and employees to identify talent. HireHer will foster mentorship opportunities that allow mentees and mentors to learn and grow. HireHer's team of consultants will work with the business to create a plan that embraces diversity and allows diverse talent to flourish. HireHer will also dedicate a percentage of profits to establish a scholarship in the name of Elizabeth Lynne Chandler that will further the opportunity for STEM education among students in disadvantaged communities.