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HireHer® connects diverse talent with innovative industries—faster. Creating improved career acquisition and talent management experience. We aspire to provide fair and competitive opportunities for women and other qualified applicants by highlighting the value of their unique skills and streamlining the hiring process. We optimize the hiring process through transformation. Our enduring goal is to empower women and eliminate barriers to opportunities for all - especially in industries where diverse candidates are underrepresented.

Be the Bear
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Be the Bear

In conversation with CEOs, HireHer Founder stated “we need you to create trophic cascades within your sphere of influence to..

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HireHer Founder and CEO Featured as a Role Breaker
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HireHer Founder and CEO Featured as a Role Breaker

Ruth Chandler Cook, founder of HireHer, shared with Team Alice how individuals and organizations can help bridge the gap for..

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He Said… She Said
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He Said… She Said

HireHer Founder & CEO Ruth Chandler Cook engages in dialogue with industry leaders and staff about the value of men as allies..

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Eliminating barriers to employment for women & diverse candidates - especially focused on improving the hiring process & workplace cultures worldwide

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HireHer® provides tools and resources for prospective candidates and employers to identify opportunities, advance careers and find mentors.  We provide technology and tools for candidates and employers to harness inclusive diversity.  

These tools work in conjunction with technical solutions for wrap-around services that enable industry leaders to integrate technology with policy changes to advance a workplace culture that embraces diversity. 

The HireHer® focus in on advancing women and diverse candidates in Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) but also work to advance women & create opportunities for all diverse candidates in fields where they are underrepresented.  

HireHer® is passionate about creating opportunities for everyone to reach their highest aspirations and overcome barriers to career advancement.

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